Industrial Footprints

Solutions to cover every commercial strata

VIS is proud to serve different enterprise segments across major global verticals

Scalable Cloud Contact Centre for Enterprises


Providing support to the support systems

Capability to handle 50,000 voice interactions per minute
Global Management of 6,000 IVR ports
1000+ Multimedia seats
20,000+ Outbound seats
Service Providers

Helping service providers optimize better and deliver more

Specialized solutions for CPE maintenance
Hosted contact centre solutions
Association with top 3 telecom service providers in India
Management portfolio of 5,000+ conferencing ports
Enterprises Heading

Guiding every business to growth

Equipped large KPOs in India for video collaboration
Remote management of network setups NAR and EMEA
High-quality support to large IT and consulting organizations
First global deployment of Juniper SDSN

Enabling the potential at every scale

Relevant tech solution for every SMB client
300+ SMB clients already served
Dedicated Success Managers
Subscription-based on-premise offerings
Educational Institutes

Enabling a smarter,future-driven business world

Digitizing B-schools for future-ready business professionals
Contact Centre
Cloud-based Labs
Distance learning and admission

Powering critical-care solutions that save lives

Emergency broadcast systems based on colour codes
UC and CC applications

Empower your business operations with industry-leading network solutions implementation leader today.