Advantages / Resources

The VIS Advantage

Solutions powered by quality infrastructure and cutting-edge resources

Experience Unparalleled Service Support Excellence

Our solutions are founded on four core pillars of implementation success

Training Facilities

World Class Training Facilities

No matter where your critical resources are located in the world, our solutions can streamline them into your core business operations in no time. VIS clients leverage our diligent training resources to minimize turnaround, and maximize production.


Multipurpose Lab
Accessible via Cloud

Remote work is here to stay, so we’ve made it easier for businesses to figure out how tech solutions can uplift their bottom line. Our multipurpose cloud-based lab is a space for every enterprise looking for growth.

Multipurpose Lab
Training Facilities

Professional Resident Engineers (No Sub-Contracted Professionals)

At VIS, quality service and implementation is everything. So, we ensure QMS and agile delivery through a highly competent team of professional resident engineers who work with utmost diligence.


Extensive Bench and Backup Resources

Modern day business environment is dynamic and unpredictable. No matter what your needs are, VIS will keep your infrastructure up and running, through a healthy buffer of bench and backup resources - so that your organization never stops.

Multipurpose Lab
Training Facilities

24x7 Remotely Accessible Cloud-based Lab Facilities

To ensure business continuity in all the global locations, no matter what the circumstances are, our cloud-based lab facilities run perpetually. Remotely access it round-the-clock - an exclusive VIS advantage.

Incorporate reliability and high operational uptime into your organization.